Job Interview Coaching


“The one most skilled at interviewing, not most qualified for the job, is usually the one who gets the job offer”.

Job Interview Coaching Image
Our job interview coaches provide interview coaching that includes role playing, mock interviews and positive feedback to assist clients in resolving concerns surrounding the interview process. We provide coaching on all the major interview styles, including how to identify them and the key steps to prepare for them. We cover interview styles such as:

  • Behavioral
  • Stress
  • Telephone
  • Group

We provide effective approaches and strategies for addressing a myriad of interview questions including “tell me about yourself” and “what are your salary expectations”. In addition, we prepare clients on how to deal with questions concerning previous employers. We coach on effective methods for describing previous work experience using the SABR (Situation – Action – Benefit/Result) approach. We also coach clients on what to do before and after a job interview, as these stages can be just as critical to the hiring process as the interview itself.